Adnan A.M. Aqrawi is the Founder of Innergy Consultancy-Aqrawi (ICA) in April 2023, after an early retirement from Equinor. He obtained his BSc and MSc from University of Baghdad, Iraq, and his PhD and DIC from Imperial College-London, UK. Adnan has 40 years of International Experiences as Petroleum Geoscientist from Middle East, SE Asia, North Sea, and Gulf of Mexico.

Adnan’s key qualifications are:
Around 40 years of international experiences in O&G and academia as an Innovative Petroleum Geoscientist in E&P worked for several IOCs and NOCs in multidisciplinary teams while; in Iraq with local NOCs and research centres (1984-1990 & 1993-1995), in Malaysiawith PETRONAS, (1995-1997), and in Norway with Smedvig Technologies / Roxar (1997-2000), and then joined Statoil (changed name to Equinor in 2018) from 2001 until 2023
As a sedimentologist/petroleum geologist with PhD from Imperial College-London, has in-depth knowledge of the characterization of carbonate and sandstone reservoirs in the Middle East, North Africa, SE Asia, North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Caspian Sea
Very knowledgeable within competence building and learning solutions for people and organization, while worked for universities, and when worked as a Program Manager for learning of Exploration and Petroleum Technology professionals at Statoil Academy and using the Learning as part of Corporate Social Responsibility projects for cooperative purposes with local partners and NOC stakeholders in countries where Statoil operated
Highly experienced explorationist in; play fairway mapping, data-room reviewing, petroleum systems analysis, prospect maturation and evaluation, hydrocarbon assessment, sequence stratigraphy, statistical geology, IOR & field development and seismic interpretation
Innovation expert for the last 11 years running crowdsourcing campaigns and multi-disciplinary workshops for solving strategic challenges in energy sectors using a special innovation toolbox

Strong experiences in Business Development, Negotiations, and Strategy as attended some special courses for Developing of International Negotiators and many direct business talks with several NOCs and IOCs in MENA region, and evaluated many opportunities for Statoil worldwide, particularly while was a Business Development Manager for Iraq and a Lead Exploration Professional within INT Middle Est and North Africa (2005-2008 & 2011-2012)
Published >50 scientific articles in international journals Adnan A. M. Aqrawi (researchgate.net) and co-authored a book on (The Petroleum Geology of Iraq), April 2010, which was sponsored thankfully by Statoil (Equinor) and BP (www.petgeoliraq.com)
Also, matured many new Blue Sky and Radical ideas via prototyping, and coordinated them to become potential new technologies/software/concepts via incubation to save resources efficiently during Equinor energy transition journey. In addition, mentored and supported startups via exploring the value proposition of their ideas and technologies and build their best fitting business model
Also was Professor II (2014-2016) lecturing at Department of Petroleum Technology, University of Stavanger (UiS) and developed an MSc course on Carbonate Reservoir Geology
Finally, has run many field trips and classes for various O&G experts on the ME Petroleum Systems, particularly in Iraqi Kurdistan and Palaeozoic of north-western Arabian Plate (Jordan and Saudi Arabia)